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Notice Forest (paper bag sculpture series) by Yuken Teruya. 


Olga ZiemskaHaunting Figure

The first structure in the ongoing series, uses willow branches and wire to replicate a hauntingly female form that is all at once figurative and abstract. 

Chris Cobb, an artist based in San Francisco, has created an amazing installation in bookshop called Adobe Books- he catalogued every single one of the 20,000 books by color. The project is titled There is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World. They were arranged by hand over a 10 hour period, and he enlisted the help of 16 volunteers. Such beautiful results, they transformed the bookshop overnight.


Leonid Afremov,

  1. Sweet Rain
  2. Early Morning in Paris
  3. The Reflection of the Night
  4. The Loneliness of Autumn
  5. The Lights of the Old Town

Source: Leonid’s DeviantArt gallery


painted roses

by sergio lopez aka the main loop | sergio on tumblr


Golden Fireflies

I love this amazing light installation-like photography from the awesome Yuki Karo. Yuki is truly amazing with the camera, I especially love the field of golden fire flies. This Japanese photographer went to various places around Maniwa and Okayama Prefecture in Japan to attain these perfect light based images. Yuki attains to these amazing photos with long exposure photography, capturing the a good amount of movement from the fire flies themselves. Truly a remarkable display of lights. Be sure to check out more of Yuki’s work after the jump.


Scattered Crowd, 2002 by William Forsythe.